Slow Down

by Milissa on April 3, 2011

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As we move into spring, it feels like time to pick up the pace a bit. Especially now that the snow is mostly melted and daylight lasts until after 7 pm. But, I’m finding, switching from winter’s slower pace into high gear is not working for me. Going from 15 to 55 mph is challenging for a car, of the vintage I drive. Imagine the effects on a human body of this vintage!

My body, like it did about 6 weeks ago, is telling me to slow down. My back, around the kidney-adrenal area, feels achy and tight, I’m a little cranky in the late afternoons, it’s hard to breathe as deeply as I’d like, and I’m a bit more forgetful (mind you menopausal brain fog is a factor for me, but forgetting a meeting at work that I knew about and planned for?!!). I also find I’m craving sweets and relying more heavily on caffeine to get me through the longer, busier days. These are the very substances that are going to deplete, not sustain, a body in seasonal transition.

So, I’m taking a breath. Turning off the phone and computer for a while. And relaxing for a time in savasana. A bit of my Do Nothing practice. A mini retreat.

How about you? What does your Do Nothing practice look like? Feel like?

If nothing else, take a few minutes to listen to Slow Down by Morcheeba. Slowing down, even for a little while can make a huge difference in your energy level. Everything will be waiting for you to pick it up when you come back to it. Or, it wasn’t important in the first place. And hopefully you’ll feel more refreshed and inspired after a break.

There are lots of ways to support slowing down and being more mindful. If you’d like assistance with finding the tools that are right for you please contact me.

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Laura W. April 3, 2011 at 8:30 pm

Every year when the nights begin to lengthen, I find myself missing the cocoon of long nights when it’s “OK” to stay in because the weather is extreme. I find in the summer I can’t settle down to read and relax until it’s dark out. Eventually I adjust to more evening outdoor activities and begin to enjoy them. Thanks for articulating this seasonal-shift feeling so well!


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