Blue Beauty Moment

by Milissa on August 28, 2011

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I have got to share this Beauty Moment with you! It happened during a solo session of what I call my Mindful Nature practice. Entering a relaxed, mindful state I walk at a normal pace in a beautiful nature area. It’s usually urban, or at least local. The place where I experienced this Beauty Moment is a park that’s smack dab in the middle of the metro area’s sprawl, but once past the Superamerica and Noodles and Co, there is a land of enchantment that seems blessedly far away.

You already know this, if you have been following my blog, but I Love, with a capital “L”, this time of year. So. Much. The air feels cooler, and it breathes in clearer, helping me feel more expansive. The light is less glaring, more nuanced by shadows. Cicadas create an Om-like hum. The bounty of the harvest is upon us. And, with the longer nights nipping at our heels, there’s an appreciation for limited-time-only opportunities to linger outdoors.

So, I’m walking on a wooded path and I come to a clearing. I haven’t been to this part of this vast regional park before. I  meander, trusting that I’ll end up somewhere wonderful. I’m walking up a hill that’s covered with sumac. I mean covered! It’s like a forest, the growth is so dense. A slightly sanguine color is bleeding into the green leaves from the tips, and I can imagine how in another month it’s brightness will take my breath away!

But that’s not happening today. Today, it is hot and I have been swatting mosquitoes in the shady woods. Now, out in full sun I have to squint to see (even with sunglasses). There are birds. Many birds. They appear to be buff colored and medium sized. And they are dive bombing each other as they flit from bush to bush.

I’m breathing expansively now, feeling the wonder of this place—where the sky is like a huge dome and no one else is in sight or earshot. I start to chant a little, Jai Ma

Two diagonal paths bisect the field of sumac, meeting in the center—”X” marks the spot. I make a sharp left turn, rounding the corner into a grassy path where the bushes are as tall as me. Almost-blinding blue streaks stop me in the middle of the path. I’ve flushed the birds—a whole flock of them. Bluebirds!

These shy birds are rarely seen, but there I was standing under a shower of the iridescent blue of their wings in flight. And getting a peek of some rosy breasts. Big breath in, yes! And out. Thank you!

The really cool thing was that I was checking out a retreat center for a full day in-town Mindful Nature retreat that I’ll teach this fall. And this field is just a short jaunt from where we’ll be sharing many Beauty Moments during the season where the sumac sizzles. Auspicious? You tell me.

Stay tuned for the announcement about the Mindful Nature Day Retreat very soon! If you’re not on the email list you better jump on there (see sidebar) so you don’t miss it. It’s going to be a BeYOUtiful experience!!!

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Paul Thompson August 31, 2011 at 12:08 pm

a color bouquet for the soul…thank you milissa


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