Meditation Challenge

by Milissa on January 29, 2012

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MeditationSome of my blog and Facebook followers recently made a commitment to practice meditation for a minimum of 5 minutes a day for 40 days. During times of change, getting still and silent can help bring clarity about where to surrender and when to act. It’s in the letting go of doing where we can discover how we really are.

And how we want to BE.

Are you ready to get back to meditation?

There are many different practices you can adopt when starting, or renewing, a meditation practice. Silently repeating a mantra or prayer, as taught in many traditions. Or simply focusing on the breath moving in and out, while letting thoughts come and go.

“Let what comes come; let what goes go. Find out what remains.”

A few weeks ago I came across the words above by 19th century Indian sage Ramana Maharshi. I knew immediately that in this phrase was distilled all the wisdom I’d ever need to deepen my meditation practice. Instead of repeating Sankrit mantras, like I did for years but recently moved away from, these wise words are just the direction I currently need to renew a daily meditation practice.

And I can take this profound, but simple, phrase into my daily life for guidance.

During this time, when I feel like the ground is shaking beneath me sometimes, because there is so much change going on, these are more than words to meditate on. They’re words to live by.

Join us on Facebook to get in on the Tree of Life Yoga Meditation Challenge. It’s not too late to start! Brand new to meditation and need help getting started? Or have you tried it and gotten stuck?  Come in for a private session.

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