The Winds of Mindful Change

by Milissa on January 1, 2012

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“The winds of grace are blowing–
it is you who must raise your sails.”

~ Rabindranath Tagore

The practice of mindfulness is more important than ever during times of outer change. The transition to a new year is a chance for deep listening, observation of what’s been learned in the past and recognition of what is ready to come forward. And 2012 is such a potent time of change. Why not harness it?

But, mindfulness is about staying in the present. So how to reconcile past, present and future, while not being pulled backward or forward, out of the moment?

For me, the ritual of letting go—of shedding the past—begins at Winter Solstice. I am drawn inward, to touch the void and I find—instead of being scary—it’s actually comforting. I choose not to judge myself for what hasn’t come to fruition yet. I treat myself as the newborn babe, innocent and full of wonder. Ready to be reborn. Whether it’s through a personal Mindful Nature retreat, or—like this year—simply daily silence, reflection and times of stillness resting in restorative yoga postures, I empty out.

When I do this, the ground is laid for renewal as the year turns. But I don’t want to imply that this is a painless process. Think of the snake shedding its skin or the butterfly emerging from its cocoon. That’s how this season can be for me, too, turning me inside out before I reemerge with renewed purpose and vigor.

This is a perfect time to set an intention that reflects the authentic self and supports the unfolding of life’s purpose. Forming a clear intention puts me in a state of grace, where my vision is allowed to unfold. My practice, for the last couple of years has been to chose one word to represent my intention for the year.

It was a no-brainer to come up with an intention for 2012. It’s what I really wanted to choose in prior years, but I felt I needed to get other things in place first. And this year, my deepest desire for a way to BE began to emerge on it’s own, without a lot of thought. The clarity was there; I just needed to choose to go with the intention that was calling me. So, I’ve been setting up systems and practices already that support it’s unfolding. I don’t usually broadcast my yearly intentions initially, instead choosing to hold them tenderly and nurture them with mindfulness practice. But, I do dedicate the benefits that unfold to all beings everywhere.

For you, my yoga students, especially! So, may the breezes of inner change soothe you as well. And may you find your own clarity and fulfill your deepest intentions as the year unfolds. Part of my intention is to support the joy and freedom of authenticity in the Tree of Life Yoga community in 2012, and beyond.

Happy New Year!

What is your intention for 2012? Please feel free to leave your comments below. OR if you’re stuck and need some help teasing it out contact me for a FREE Sankalpa Session over the phone. I’ll help you hone in on your intention and offer you some tools to support it’s deepest unfolding.

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