A Different Kind of Strength

by Milissa on February 12, 2012

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I have watched the TED Talk by Brene Brown on the power of vulnerability several times. (Thanks to Kris Ward of Abundant Yogi for sharing the link with me.)

Click here to listen to the talk.

Vulnerability, Brown’s social science research shows, is not a liability—but a strength—when it comes to relationships and interconnectedness. It’s actually vital to maintaining close relationships with others. And people who have close relationships live happier, healthier lives.

As I see my very independent almost 90-year-old mother being forced to face her vulnerability, I can’t help but look at my own aging process. One thing I’m struck by is how very grateful I am for my yoga and mindfulness practice. They help me practice being present to myself in my most vulnerable moments and give me the courage and skill to share authentically with others.

Do I still need practice? Of course. Lots of it.

Is it worth it? I absolutely believe it is, as uncomfortable as it can be to feel that raw.

Especially during times of change we need to get real. With ourselves. And with each other. On and off the yoga mat. Our happiness depends on it.

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