Heart(s) Open Wide

by Milissa on October 1, 2012

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This is just how I FEEL!

Not only am I blessed to have mindful yoga as a practice that has saved me, personally, from needless suffering over the years, but I now get to share these enriching tools with children who are in need of a safe haven. Those who—in their first few years—have already been exposed to many stressful life circumstances.

Some come from generational poverty, or are living in family’s wracked by addiction or mental illness. Others are recent immigrants. Some are on the Autism spectrum, or have behavior issues.

These children truly light me up! Every week, doing star pose together and singing mindfulness songs, my heart expands. I feel so blessed. So far, I’ve worked with dozens of children in need, and we’ve taught each other so much.

My only regret is that I haven’t been able to bring the Peaceful Preschoolerprogram to more than a couple of at-risk preschools. My intention is to reach hundreds of children in 2013 who have few opportunities to truly feel at ease and calm.

Recently, I had an opportunity to partner with the publisher of the local Chinook Book and started an informal give back campaign. I asked my Facebook friends and Tree of Life group page members, as well as a list of personal friends and colleagues who I emailed, to buy a Chinook Book to benefit Peaceful Preschooler’s expansion into South Minneapolis (so far I’ve offered it in North St. Paul and North Minneapolis).

Well, this is where my heart really sang: with your generosity we will be able to offer a class to at-risk preschoolers in the Phillips neighborhood! I’m so thrilled and grateful.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! We practice gratitude in Peaceful Preschooler classes, as well, so we will definitely be spreading the love and light that this gift from the Tree of Life Yoga community can offer.



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