Yoga for Early Childhood

by Milissa on October 9, 2012

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What can bring a preschool teacher to her knees? Well, there are lots of things, but I’m talking literally here. (Hint: it starts with the letter “Y.”)

That’s right, Yoga!

Last weekend I presented Yoga for Early Childhood at the Reggio-Inspired Network of Minnesota‘s Autumn event. We gathered in the Fireplace Room at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum for an afternoon of movement and breathing, and our inner kids got to come out to learn and play.

That’s not one of the participants, it’s a scarecrow! But we did sparkle in Star Pose.

We started with a Peace Walk around a fountain outside. We said “Yes,” and “Thank you” to the Earth with our feet, in Russian and Portuguese (taught to the group by bilingual participants) as well as in English, Spanish and Japanese.

It was pretty brisk though, so we headed inside and I taught a typical Peaceful Preschooler class to the adults in front of the fireplace.

We sang mindful songs, we sent pompoms flying across the floor for our breath practice, we TADA-sana’d, we Lampa‘d (Sanskrit for “jump”) and Oops!’d (no translation necessary).

And we wrapped it up—literally for one teacher—with a Taco Roll.

Mmmmm, delish!

Thank you to the local Reggio community for seasoning the day with creativity, making it a treat for all.

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