3 tips to ground you and uplift you

I am so happy you’ve come to join me (and the red oak tree that watches over the studio). If you are looking for the natural, mindful path to a life of joy and purpose you’re in the right place. Gentle yoga and mindfulness, practiced in harmony with nature, will serve you well in all the seasons of your life.

Click play below to find out how to ease anxiety and move into the peace of finding solid ground in each moment, even during times of seismic change. In just 3 easy steps! (If you missed the 1st video check it out on the sidebar to learn my “l’il secret.”)

This video will help you get started with mindfulness on your own. And the great news is you can start right where you are! In your own neighborhood, while you’re walking the dog or pushing your child in a stroller.

If you’d like to go deeper and learn the 5 Principles of Tree of Life Yoga’s Mindful Nature program please join me on a retreat. Whether it’s for a day in town, a long weekend up north, or, eventually, a week in an exotic locale, you will learn a simple practice to release the stress that’s keeping you stuck and gain clarity about how you can live with purpose.

Stay tuned for details on this transformational practice throughout the seasons of the year! I write regularly about living more intentionally in relationship with the earth on the blog.

And, don’t forget, I offer mindful yoga for women who are in work, family and midlife transitions. Moms, midlife, menopause and beyond! If your life is in flux, and you want to go with the flow and grow (instead of getting stuck in the same old worn-out patterns), check out the class schedule here.

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See you under the big oak tree soon—