craniosacral therapy

“After seeing Milissa for bodywork, I have a perpetual smile on my face and a relaxed spirit. Her craniosacral work is absolutely incredible! I always find a sense of inner peace and calm, no matter how scattered and stressed out I am at first.”

~Melanie Shirley, Business Consultant and mother

Living at a hectic pace doesn’t allow time and space for self-nurturing and self-reflection. When we are distanced from ourselves, it becomes harder and harder to know who we are and how we really want to live. Stressed out, we become exhausted, resentful and dissatisfied with our lives.

One of the greatest gifts we can give to each other—and to ourselves—is Presence. When we are overly busy and stressed we cannot be fully present with our loved ones, our coworkers or even ourselves. We forget what it’s like to settle into the moment. And, even more importantly, we forget how powerful we are in claiming what we truly want in our lives. This is the power of intention, or Sankalpa in Sanskrit.

Craniosacral Therapy relaxes the nervous system and gets you in touch with the deepest part of your Being. You will be guided to allow the release of old patterns, and will be supported in creating new neural pathways that will take your life to the next level of conscious living. Milissa also incorporates gentle energy work, called Pranic Healing, into each bodywork session to help you to release what’s not serving you and to allow you to integrate your deepest knowing.

gifts of craniosacral therapy:

  • Relief from anxiety
  • Deeper sleep
  • Calmer nerves
  • Pain relief
  • Ease of movement
  • Renewed energy
  • Clarity about life choices

the experience

Bodywork sessions with Milissa Link start with honoring where you are and helping you become intentional about how you want to BE.

At the start of your private bodywork session you will be guided to claim what you truly desire to bring forward in your life during whatever transition you are currently in. This is the yogic practice of Sankalpa.

Resting on your back, fully clothed on a massage table, you will receive gentle, supportive touch on the spine and head that will help you let go of stress, physical and energetic blocks, anxiety and fatigue. Milissa will remain deeply present with you and will intuitively help bring you into balance by placing her hands on your body. She may also harmonize the energy body, working with hands slightly above the physical body.

You will be guided into a state of deep rest called still point. Craniosacral therapy brings you into that all-is-well feeling that you may have experienced in Savasana at the end of a yoga class.

Resting in this deep stillness helps you to embody your deepest intentions, and allows you to live more fully, embracing and sharing all of who you are.

invest in your wellbeing

$90/single session
$320/4 sessions
[$40 savings]


To schedule send an email with day and time preferences.