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Peaceful Preschooler

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You know how much yoga helps YOU stay calm during turbulent times…???

Can you imagine what a gift learning to breathe calmly is for a child whose family is homeless? Or from a low income immigrant family? Just imagine how precious taking a calm breath is for a child with a family member dealing with chemical addiction or mental illness. Or for a child on the Autism spectrum.

Tree of Life Yoga is partnering with nonprofit preschools to offer yoga to at-risk children in both Ramsey County and Hennepin County, so they can learn self-calming skills that help preschoolers succeed in school and thrive in life.

Your donation of as little as $10 provides a calm haven one day a week for a child in need. $50 sponsors a child for a month of mindful yoga. Reaching out to children starting out in challenging life circumstances early can make all the difference.

 Thank you and Namaste!