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Full payment is due at the time of registration. Refunds for class sessions will be made on request up until 14 days before the class session starts, minus a 5% service fee. After that time there will be no refunds. Retreats and bodywork sessions are nonrefundable.

I also acknowledge that I must arrive 5-10 minutes before the start of class time or I may be denied entry. Missed classes can not be made up.

Tot-Mama Yoga

$190/10-week session for 1 adult & 1 toddler
$20/Tidbit of Tot-Mama Yoga

Single or 10 Sessions

Kids Yoga

$150/10-week session

Mindful Body

$144/8-week session

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Bodywork Packages

$90/single session
$320/4 sessions (Exp. 3 months from purchase)
$420/6 sessions (Exp. 6 months from purchase)


Once you are registered you will receive studio information by email. Contact Milissa to schedule your private sessions or bodywork.