“Tree of Life Yoga aims for the sweet spot between yoga as work-out and yoga as spiritual healing."

Teresa S., University administrator

"Milissa's soothing voice guides me to an inner connection and stillness that has allowed me to open up to more of myself and life."

Kelly B., Data Processor

"From my first session, I felt the relaxing effects of Yoga. Under Milissa's gentle direction, I feel comfortable to push myself to my own limits."

JoAnne F., Retired manager and grandmother

"Milissa's yogic style blends heart and head. She welcomes and embraces her students in true yoga community fashion."

Mary T., Wellness coordinator and yoga teacher

"Besides keeping me centered, yoga keeps my body flexible and limber. Yoga is an oasis of calm and peace for me in a busy world."

Sheila M., Nonprofit board member

"Milissa is a kind and gentle spirit with the courage, strength and wisdom to provide spiritual guidance and practical support for those wishing to navigate through life in a state of grace."

Mark R., Attorney

"I feel much more confident moving into the third third of my life knowing that I have Tree of Life Yoga as a resource."

Pat K., Professional astrologer

"Milissa has a natural ability to make children feel comfortable. I can't ever remember a class we've taken where Lukas has been so at ease.”

Sara G., Yoga teacher and mother of a 2-year old

"My son and I have gone to other yoga classes for children, and they were silly and goofy. Tot-Mama Yoga felt like the real thing--Yoga!"

Andrea H., Integrative Health Administrator